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In this image, 2 seperate animations are combined into one: The background animation, and the innkeeper in the front.


You can interact with the innkeeper by clicking on her.

Overview of animated elements

Scenery animations

  • The spider in the attic goes up and down, using a translation with a radius (pulling the string of the spider longer).
  • The sun and clouds move, using a translation.
  • The trees and lesser reedmace sway with the deformation mutation.
  • The water of the water wheel moves using a translation mutation.
  • The blades of the wheel move using a translation mutation combined with a stretch mutation.
  • The wheel turns using a stretch mutation combined with a rotation mutation.
  • The depth of layers is done by the color transition mutation, with a color set with a target color.
  • The day/night cycle is done by updating the colors of the target color mutation and adjusting the brightness with the lightness mutation.
  • The beak of the bird is done with the rotation mutation.
  • The eyes of at the hole near the water is done by the opacity mutation.
  • The smoke is done by 2 deformation mutators changing the shape of the model, in combination with a translation mutation moving the model through the deformations causing the smoke to bend and rise.


The butterfly wings is an animation loop, (using stretch and rotation). But its actually controlled by a small script. The location destination is random, and the butterfly's direction is flipped using the stretch effect. There are 2 landing spots defined, and when landed, the wings animation is changed.

Inkeeper animations

  • Head tilting is done with the rotation mutation, combined with the hair movement with a deformation.
  • Head turning is done with multiple translation effects moving different layers with different amounts.
  • Mouth movement is done with a translation on the chin, deformation mutations for the lips, translation on the teeth.
  • Eye blinking is done by stretching the eyelids with a deformation and flipping the eyelashes with a stretch effect.
  • Eyes direction is done with translation effect on the pupils, with a stretch mutation to give the eye a more circular effect.
  • Using the broom is done with a multiple of rotation mutations for arm movements.